Step One – Choosing Your Expert Real Estate Team

“Not every real estate agent is the same. When it comes to buying your life’s biggest investment, you must be choosy!” Nolin Maurier

Step Two – Creating a Vision & Establishing Your Housing Needs & Desires

This is extremely important – it addresses the emotional and lifestyle needs of buying and owning a home. Imagine a perfect home purchase experience, taking you from where you are now to where you want to be.

Step Three – Financing & Pre-Approval

This is an important step as it ensures that you clearly know what your price range and comfort level is for your monthly mortgage payment. Once you’ve completed this step, you can move ahead with confidence.

Knowing your monthly income and expenses gives a clear indication of what mortgage payment amount you can live comfortably with. Obtaining your financing pre-qualification will leave you feeling confident and informed when it comes to writing an offer to purchase.

Step Four – Viewing Homes

Viewing homes is the most fun and exciting step. By having already completed Steps 1-3, viewing homes is certain to be enjoyable, easy, and a time efficient process for you.

Step Five – Writing an Offer

You have found a home that suits your needs and you are now prepared to write an offer. The offer to purchase is written on a standard Real Estate Purchase Contract, which outlines the terms and conditions between you and the seller. Your situation will always be unique, so we will create the offer together, in a way that best suits you!

Step Six – Negotiating Your Offer

Negotiating an offer requires teamwork, market knowledge and experience. We are highly skilled in negotiations and use a number of strategies to come to a win/win agreement. Having us negotiate on your behalf keeps the ‘emotional attachment’ out of the deal and we can focus on doing what it takes to get the offer accepted.

Step Seven – Closing Your Deal

Once the offer is accepted you have financial, legal and insurance obligations that must be taken care of immediately.