Realty Experts Group provides a complete guide which covers home showings, your options when it comes to offers, and details on the final closing of a deal, or unconditional sale. You can consult this guide throughout the process to help you better understand how real estate sales operate and what you can expect from the experience.

Communication System

Communication is a key element to selling your home. We believe this to be one of the top qualities seller’s desire in their realtor. It is our policy to be available through phone, email or text any time you have questions, comments or suggestions during your sale process.

Dealing With an Offer

Once a buyer writes an offer on your property, it will be very important to make yourself available as soon as possible. Your listing expert will review and advise you on the next step. If possible, it is important to have all decision makers present when reviewing the offer. In the event that you are not available in person, the offer may be reviewed over the phone. An offer can also be emailed.

Your Listing Guide

For a complete breakdown of all the listing options and what to expect, please review Your Listing Guide.  Click on the guide to the left to view all the information.