Realty Experts Group employs long-term retention strategies with roots in Real estate that extend into property management. We are also investors too, we know what to look for when holding rental properties, seller financing and other creative solutions. The key is to deal with a  realtor that understands the investing environment, and speaks your language. We handle construction, renovation and have vast resource-base for other contacts.

Why work with REG?

We have access to foreclosures, estate sales and court ordered properties. As investors, we just want predictable and sustainable growth; A way at the ‘end’ of the rainbow to have a well maintained money machine. Our focus is building your wealth and legacy through real estate. We understand what it takes to build a sustainable portfolio.

We've got Experience

  • We’re relateable:  we have been denied mortgages, had people trash properties, taken those midnight calls, but built systems and strategies for every bump along the way. Why not drive on an already paved road, rather than create one yourself.
  • We’ve got certified members of REIN who are also Real Estate Investment Advisers